Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones 48H Play Back Earphones in Ear Waterproof with Microphone LED Display for Sports Running Workout Black

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  • LED Power Display for Charging Case: the wireless Bluetooth headphones' charging case features an LED power display that shows the remaining power in percentage. The charging case displays its battery level from 1% to 100%. While charging the right or left wireless ear buds earbuds Bluetooth, the LED bars for the earbud on the case will flash. Once the earbuds wireless Bluetooth are fully charged, the LED bars will no longer flash.Convenient to know the charging status of your wireless earbuds.
  • 48 Hours Battery Life with Charging Case: The built-in 600mAh charging case provides a total of 48 hours of battery life. Each sport Bluetooth wireles earphone can last for 8 hours of music time on a single 1.5-hour charge.The charging case can recharge the twin Bluetooth wireless sports earbuds up to 6 times, resulting in a total playtime of 48 hours when using the portable charging case.You can enjoy uninterrupted music with wireless Bluetooth headphones during your workouts.
  • Stereo Music & Clear Call: With audio technology, Bluetooth wireless earbuds produce rich, immersive sound with deep bass and clear treble.The true wireless earbuds feature noise-canceling calls, effectively reducing partial background noise, guaranteeing a stable signal and minimal power usage during phone calls.Experience immersive stereo sound and enjoy hands-free calls while working out, wirelessly and effortlessly.
  • One-Step Auto Pairing: Simply pick up Bluetooth earbuds wireless from the charging case, and they will power on and automatically pair with each other.Then activate Bluetooth function on your mobile phone and search for "T17" to connect. After the initial successful connection,the earbuds wireless Bluetooth will automatically connect to the last paired device upon reboot.When using a single earbud wireless, just remove the second one to seamlessly transition between single mode and twin mode.
  • Engineered Design for Sports: The wireless Bluetooth earbuds are designed with adjustable and secure-fit silicone ear hooks and an ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable and firm fit during running, and other outdoor sports activities.They come equipped with 3 pairs of different-sized spare ear caps for options. Even during strenuous exercise,the earbuds wireless Bluetooth will not fall off. And IPX5 waterproof rating protects headphones wirelsess Bluetooth from water drops or sweat damage.

Product Description

LED Power Display

The charging case features a power display that indicates the battery level from 1% to 100%. Simply pick up the earbuds and place them back in the case to activate the power display.

When you place the earbuds in the charging case, the LED bars will flash, indicating that the earbuds are charging. Once the earbuds are fully charged, the LED bars will turn off.

48 Hours Play Back with Charging Case.

The wireless earbuds come with a built-in 600mAh charging case. With a single charge, the earbuds themselves can last for up to 8 hours of music playback. Additionally, the charging case has enough capacity to charge the earbuds for 6 times. This means that with the charging case, the earbuds can provide a total playback time of up to 48 hours before needing to be recharged.

Design for Sports.It’s your workout companion with secure fit.

The Occiam T17 wireless earbuds are designed with ergonomic ear hooks and flexible rubber materials, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Whether you're engaging in vigorous activities or running at a fast pace, these earbuds will stay in place and provide a stable fit. You can enjoy your music or take calls without worrying about the earbuds falling off or causing discomfort. The combination of the ear hooks and flexible rubber construction ensures a reliable and snug fit, allowing you to move freely while enjoying your audio experience.

Widely Compatible

These wireless earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth-enabled cellphones, tablets, and all devices with Bluetooth connectivity. They are specifically designed for sports, workouts, running, gym exercises, audiobooks, watching TV, and more. Whether you're engaged in physical activities or enjoying your favorite media, these earbuds are tailored to enhance your experience. With their versatile compatibility and sport-focused design, they are ideal companions for various activities and entertainment purposes.

Multi functional Press Button Control with extra volume control buttons.


Friendly Reminder : It is recommended to charge the charging case at least once a week to maintain its optimal performance. In the event that the charging case has discharged its power completely, you may experience a delay in the LED display showing up when you plug in the charging cable. In such cases, please wait patiently for approximately 15 minutes, and the LED display should appear later. This delay is normal and allows the charging case to regain sufficient power before displaying the charging status.

After using the earbuds for an extended period, you may encounter issues where they don't charge or fail to turn on. This could be due to debris or dirt obstructing the charging pins or contacts, resulting in a poor connection. To resolve this problem, you can use a rag soaked in alcohol to clean the magnet connectors on both the earbuds and the charging case. Gently wipe the charging pins and contacts to remove any buildup or residue that may be interfering with the charging process. Once cleaned, you should be able to restore a reliable connection and ensure proper charging and functionality of the earbuds.

Does only one earbud play sound?

If you just receive the earbuds, please don't open the bluetooth of mobile phone firstly, we need get twin earbuds paired with each other firstly, otherwise, only one earbud connects to your mobile. When only one connects to your mobile, we can see the led indicator of workable one light off, and another one still flashes blue and red alternatively, after a while , it will shut off, at this time it is easy for us to think another one is not workable.

How to pair with mobile?

Empty the bluetooth list of mobile phone, then turn off the bluetooth of mobile phone. When both earbuds have power, take them out from charging case, the led indicator of one earbud flashes blue slowly, and the led indicator of another earbud flashes red and blue alternatively, that means "both earbuds are got paired with each other successfully", then open the bluetooth of your phone to search T17 to connect.

How to reset?

To clear the previous pairing memory, start by emptying the Bluetooth list on your mobile phone. Next, turn off the Bluetooth on your mobile phone. Then, quickly press the silver button on each earbud four times, specifically on the left earbud four times and the right earbud four times. This process will clear the previous pairing memory.

Color Black Pink Green Blue Black
Charging Case Capacity 2200mAh 600mAh 600mAh 600mAh 600mAh
Music Time Per Single Charge 8H 8H 8H 8H 8H
Playback with Case 130H 48H 48H 48H 48H

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