Bill Counter Machine, Money Counting Machine with UV/MG/MT/IR Counterfeit Detection, Count Value of Bills, Valucount, Add and Batch Modes, Large LED Display, 1,000 Bills/Min (Black)

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  • 💰【Fast & Reliable】 Business Grade technology US dollar money counter combined with counterfeit detection for an all-in-one cash processing solution! Counts up to 1,000 bills a minute to make quick work of any cash amount. Carry handle design for easy portability. ATTENTION: This money counter can calculate the total amount of a set denomination and detect counterfeit money, but it cannot actively identify the denomination.
  • 💰【Precise Detection】 Multiple powerful detection methods to easily detect suspect counterfeit notes, ripped or damaged bills and eliminate any doubt in the correctness of the count. UV, MG, MT, IR, All 4 can be used together or separately assuring the most accurate outcome.
  • 💰【Easy to Understand & Use】 Intuitive Control Panel with Large LED Display, It is easier to change the operating modes and track bills count with Ten-tatent's well designed control panel and easy to read large LED display.
  • 💰【Multiple Modes】 Automatic, manual, count, add, batch and value can meet various banknote counting needs, thereby saving time and making counting easier.In COUNT mode, can count bills freely without checking fake bills (NOT Limited to Bills). In BATCH mode, the bill counter machine stops each time the set number of bills to be counted is reached. In VALUE mode, you can set the denomination of the bill to automatically calculate the total amount.
  • 💰【Structural optimization and upgrading】 In order to cope with the rips the bills and jams with bills caused by the aging of the machine, we upgraded the internal structure and the conveyor belt. So that you can use it without worry. You can consult us if you have any usage questions, We will provide you with a quality service.

Product Description

7 Modes To Simplify Your Work

  • VALUE: Calculates the total monetary value of the selected single denomination (note: all banknotes must have the same denomination).
  • VALUE+ADD: Easy to total the value of selected single denomination for stacks of 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 USD.
  • ADD: To count the added bills
  • BATCH: The total banknotes are delivered in batches according to the set amount.
  • COUNT: Just to count the bills
  • AUTO/MANUAL: The default mode is AUTO. MANUAL requires insertion of banknotes, click RESTART to start counting
  • UV/MG/IR: To detects counterfeit bills through UV, MG, and IR scanning.
Note:This money counter machine is only for USD.

Product Specification

  • Net Weight: 10.6 lbs (4.8kg)
  • Counting Speed: > 1000 bills/ minute
  • Counting Paper Size: 110x50-180x85mm
  • Large Capacity: 150-banknotes stacker and 150-banknotes hopper
  • Voltage: 110V/50-60hz
  • Power: 75W

Please leave the task of counting bills to the fast and accurate Ten-Tatent money counter to free your hands!

Reliable and Accurate

10 Counterfeit Detection Methods to verify your bills' authenticity. Audible and Visual Alert to remind you of potential fake bill's risk.

UV, IR, MT, MG, Dimensional, Thickness detection, Security Line Detection, Variable ink Detection, Spectrum Detection, Fluorescence Detection

Hidden Handle

Hidden handle design makes it easier to carry around. It can be used in churches, supermarkets, banks, hotels or at home. With this handle, your work will become more portable.

Big Capacity & Efficient

The hopper and stacker can hold 150 banknotes at a time, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.


  • 1 x Bill Counter
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x External Display
  • 1 x User Manual
Grade Bank Professional Commercial Commercial
Mixed Denomination Counting X X
Value Counting Pre-set Value in advance Pre-set Value in advance
Currency Support default 7 currencies USD, EUR, CAD, MXN, GBP, COP, RUB ; more can be loaded US dollar only US dollar only US dollar only
Reject Pocket X X X
Counterfeit Detections 2 CISs, UV, MG, MT, IR, etc UV, MG, IR, RGB UV, MG, IR UV, MG, IR
Serial Number Recognition X X X
Software Update X X
Display 4.3 inch TFT touch screen 2.8 inch LCD LED LED

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